I Love you, he said.

I know that you tell me you love me because you do love me, but also because you want to hear it, too. Reassurance, you want. You want to quell that shaking little voice inside, that uneasiness that makes you wonder if muses are temporary, like vapors from the misty ground, beauty here and there that lingers on its own terms then dissipates, is gone with no scheduled return.

I know you want more. More words, more solid. More standing still. More than I can reach right now when I reach down down inside and seek answers of myself. I cannot give you what I do not know.

And what do I feel? I feel water, embracing me and mutable, moving with my moves. I feel waves, but don’t know whether to leap over or to let go. Will I be brought to shore or carried out to sea? Are you the shore? Are you a refuge? Cleansing, or abrading? Water or sand? Water or its current? Power, electricity, attraction?

I stand, but I stand not knowing where any move, however small, will take me. Thus, I don’t know where we should go. Your choice is whether or not to take me as I am when I tell you,  amidst all of my uncertainty, that I love you.


4 Comments on “I Love you, he said.”

  1. irfriske says:

    I understand the grace of speaking exactly where one is coming from…no matter what!

    • lily2u1 says:

      Grace. Such an important quality. And you’re talking of candor, too, I think. Maybe kind candor, if said with grace.

      I am so woefully human but I try to live with grace and also gratitude. Those things seem in shorter supply than I remember when I was younger. Or maybe subtleties are simply less visible amidst the tech and bling these days, not sure.

      ~ Lily

  2. kcwritermom says:

    Beautifully written, Lily. It’s written from you heart – and that is what matters the most. Keep writing – you have a great style.

    • lily2u1 says:

      Thank you so much kc, for visiting and for your kind encouragement.

      I was a writer, long ago, but it is something I sort of let languish, at least publicly.
      Of course I have boxes and boxes of drivel. I love to write.
      Drop by from time to time and let me know how I am doing, if you will!

      ~ Lily

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