See the beauty and smile…

Alright, we all know that life is hard at times. Understatement. But, no matter how crummy it is, there are reasons to be happy, to put one foot in front of the other, and to keep on keeping on.

This is where you will find empathy if you feel downtrodden, but mostly you’ll find encouragement to pick yourself up and be thankful for small things. We’ll appreciate our beautiful world and find the strength to face the tough parts of our lives.

Boring? Bland? Hey, I’m just getting started here.

So, for starters, why are you not looking at simple things like leaves Up Close so that you can be fascinated by the veining, and the colours? People walk by such things with nary a notice. What a shame! Notice little bits of beauty and you’ll feel as if the beauty has touched the inside of yourself.

For instance, if you keep a small flower in a glass or in a little crystal vase above your kitchen sink and you inspect that flower whenever you do dishes or get a drink of water, you’ll be amazed at the details you’ve missed allllll of these years.

Haven’t a flower? Then a leaf. A simple leaf will do. Veining, colours, beauty.

There you are: you, your worldly busy frazzled self, pausing over a flower or leaf.  Admit it, it feels good to be noticing and appreciating such a simple thing that others overlook.

Life is full of simple beauty. If you can take the time to see it and to smile to yourself, then you are special, and life is just a little bit better.


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